Arduino library

What's in?

- The dedicated plug-and-play Arduino library can be easily integrated in sketches.

swDuino Arduino library

- With this Arduino library, variable's value (or data) can be sent from Arduino to client program.

swDuino Arduino library writing sketch

- This Arduibo library enables sketch to do any thing (e.g. change state of pin etc.) on receiving variable (or data) from client program.

swDuino Arduino library reading sketch

Example sketches

After installing library, following example sketches can also be found in Arduino IDE at Files > Examples > swDuino-Lib.

- write.ino: Send data to swDuino
- read.ino: Triggers a function when Arduino receives data fro swDuino
- write_read.ino: A combination of Get and Set examples
- ultrasonic_sensor.ino: Sends Ultrosonic distance sensor (sonar) to swDuino