Serial/COM interface and Arduino Library

- Serial/COM port and other necessary settings to connect swDuino with Arduino are configurable.

swDuino Configure Serial/COM

- A dedicated plug-and-play Arduino library is available which can be easily integrated in sketches.
- With Arduino library, variable's value (or data) can be sent from Arduino to client program.
- It enables Arduino sketch to do any thing (e.g. change state of pin etc.) on receiving variable (or data) from client program.

HTTP/Web Server, APIs and Client programs

- HTTP/Web server listening port can be configured as desired. The server is multi-threaded.

swDuino Configure HTTP/Web Server

- To develop web browser GUIs for monitoring and controling Arduino, HTML and other supporting files (images etc.) can be placed in /files/ sub-directory structure.

Ultrasonic sensor on the web using swDuino

- Web server supports powerful set of Web APIs to control and monitor Arduino which can be used by client program to monitor and control Arduino.

swDuino client programs and interfaces